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Mitsubishi Key Fob Guide


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Mitsubishi vehicles have many helpful convenience features, demonstrated by the Mitsubishi key fob’s utility. The signature key fob is at the heart of your vehicle’s convenience, with features such as keyless entry, push-button start, and automatic door locks. Learning how to program and use your Mitsubishi key fob’s features will add more convenience to your day-to-day drives. In this guide will help you explore how to get the most out of your Mitsubishi key fob.


Exploring Your Mitsubishi Key Fob Features

The latest technology for Mitsubishi key fobs is the Free-Hand Advanced Security Transmitter (FAST) key entry system. The FAST key entry system significantly increases your Mitsubishi vehicle’s overall convenience. This system works by allowing you to simply unlock your car by gripping the door handle while having the key in your purse, bag, or pocket. It also allows you to unlock the vehicle by pressing a button on the trunk or buttons near the front door handles.

The FAST key entry system adds convenience and gives added security by eliminating the need to search for a remote control or key when in a poorly lit area or while carrying packages. In addition, this system allows you to start the car without a key in one of two ways. The first is by pressing the ignition switch to unlock it and turning it to start the engine. The second is by pressing the ignition start button that is part of the One-Touch Start System (OSS).

Other available features on your Mitsubishi key fob include remote start and power liftgate open and close. The key fob’s remote start feature allows you to start your vehicle to warm or cool the interior, depending on the season. You can also access your Mitsubishi SUV’s cargo area by using your key fob to open and close the power liftgate.

Programing Your Mitsubishi Key Fob

Mitsubishi key fobs offer secure and convenient access to your vehicle. Not only is using your key fob secure, but it is a quick and easy way to gain access to your car’s interior. However, when your key fob stops working or seems like it is having trouble connecting with your vehicle, it can be troublesome at the very least. So what do you do when your Mitsubishi key fob is malfunctioning or not working at all? Depending on why your key fob is experiencing issues, you can take steps to remedy the situation.

The two leading causes of your key fob malfunction are either a programming issue or the need for a new battery. This section will discuss how to program your Mitsubishi key fob, and battery replacement will be covered in the next section. 

In some cases, your Mitsubishi key fob may lose its connection to your vehicle, causing a lack of response to your commands. For example, you may try to lock, unlock, or remote start your vehicle with no response. The most common reason for this key fob issue is when your vehicle loses power for an extended period, resulting in your car’s computer system resetting. 

Reprogramming Your Mitsubishi Key Fob

Reprogramming your key fob can fix this issue, and it only takes a few minutes to execute this process. You can do reprogram your key from inside your home or in your garage, as long as you can see your vehicle. Follow these simple steps to program your Mitsubishi key fob:

  • Press and hold the lock and unlock buttons until your Mitsubishi’s lights flash a total of three times.
  • Release the buttons.
  • Press the unlock button until your Mitsubishi’s lights flash a total of two times. Your key fob should now be reconnected with your car.
  • Use the key fob to test the connection to ensure that all of your Mitsubishi key fob’s features work with your vehicle.

If issues persist with your key fob’s connection to your car, don’t hesitate to contact Fort Myers Mitsubishi for assistance. Our exceptional service department will be glad to help you with your key fob issues.

How to Replace Your Mitsubishi Key Fob Battery

If you have taken steps to reprogram your Mitsubishi key fob and it remains unresponsive, you may need to change the key fob’s battery. Even if the battery isn’t completely dead, a weak battery can cause the key fob to lose connection to your Mitsubishi vehicle. Fortunately, the process for replacing the battery is simple and only takes a few minutes.

Follow these steps to replace your Mitsubishi key fob battery:

  • Get a pack of 2032 batteries and a flathead screwdriver.
  • Remove the key from the key fob.
  • Locate the indentation at the top of your key fob.
  • Place the flat end of the screwdriver into the indentation and twist until your key fob opens.
  • Replace the key fob’s old battery with a new battery.
  • Place the key fob back together, pressing firmly to ensure it is closed.
  • Place the key back inside the fob.

When you aren’t sure of the type of batteries you will need for your Mitsubishi key fob, contact our parts department for help. They can help you determine the battery size for your Mitsubishi Outlander or Eclipse Cross key fob.

Replacing Your Mitsubishi Key Fob

If you have replaced your Mitsubishi key fob’s battery and taken steps to reprogram it, and it continues to malfunction, you may need to replace the key fob altogether. Fort Myers Mitsubishi is here to help you keep your Mitsubishi running and looking like new. Our service department is qualified to service all of your Mitsubishi’s maintenance needs, including the programming of your key fob. In addition, our parts department can supply you with a new key fob or any other parts your Mitsubishi may need.

Fort Myers Mitsubishi is dedicated to providing consumers with vehicles quipped with available convenience, security, and safety features. Learning how to use your Mitsubishi key fob and how to take advantage of all the convenience features and accessories available on the Mitsubishi lineup is as simple as visiting Fort Myers Mitsubishi.

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