Our dealership can offer you the best deal when looking to trade in your car for a new Mitsubishi or sell it for cash in Fort Myers, Florida. At Fort Myers Mitsubishi, we can help you estimate your vehicle’s market value correctly and provide you with competitive financing and lease offers.

We simplify the trade-in process through our trade tool that provides results in two steps and within a few seconds. Our dealership handles all the hassles of selling your car and finding you the perfect alternative, so there is no need to pay for advertisements, meet with potential buyers, or handle lengthy negotiations. You can use our quick and convenient tool.

Trade In Your Car With Our Value Your Trade Tool

In the past, it was a bit challenging to get an accurate trade-in value because you had to drive your vehicle to several dealerships and compare the offers you received for an estimate. Our tool only requires a few inputs to calculate the current value for your car quickly, replacing the tireless research, groundwork, and guesswork.

You can start right away because it takes the following simple steps to use this tool and complete the trade-in process:

  • Enter the required information, including the vehicle’s manufacturer, year of make, model, and trim level.
  • Wait for a few seconds for the tool to automatically show the market price estimation.
  • Explore our inventory of new and used vehicles online after acquiring your trade value.
  • Contact our finance department for assistance if your trade-in offer is less than the price of the new car.

Remember, it is essential to input the correct information, such as the car’s mileage and condition, in our tool for an accurate estimate. Once you are ready, you can drive to our dealership in Fort Myers, Florida, without making an appointment to finalize the deal. Our technicians will inspect the car and offer a no-obligation offer. You can use the value of your trade to buy another vehicle from us or take the cash.

Get the Best Trade-In Value in Fort Myers, Florida

In many cases, a trade-in offers a lower price when you want to exchange a newer car for an older model and vice versa. Our dealership can help you get the best trade-in value by ensuring most of the profit goes into financing your new car, but you can also implement several tips.

Determine the Trade-In Price for Your Car

Determine the general condition of your car by conducting a thorough inspection to detect any mechanical or electrical issues. Additionally, examine the exterior for dents and take a test drive while paying attention to any weird sounds. Calculate the cost of fixing such problems and understand their effect on the trade-in price. Go online on different platforms and forums to learn more about your vehicle, including whether it has a high resale value and demand.

Prepare Your Car for the Trade-In

An excellent first impression raises your chances of a better offer. Before driving to a dealership, prepare your vehicle by fixing minor issues and taking it for professional detailing. Ideally, it would be prudent to wash and vacuum the car, especially if you have recently been on off-road excursions. Wax the exterior and remove all personal items inside.

Check all the interior and exterior lights and fluid levels, including the brake, coolant, and washer levels, and top them off if needed.

Gather the Vehicle’s Documents

Of course, you should bring the vehicle’s title and registration to complete the transaction. You can show that you regularly take your car for maintenance and repairs through a history report.

An updated record contains various items, such as:

  • Vehicle identification number (VIN).
  • Insurance information.
  • Dates of oil changes and types of oil used.
  • Brake parts and tire replacements.
  • Fuel and air filter replacements.

You can also bring receipts from your mechanic for car repairs you may have done.

Separate Trade-In Price Negotiations

A dealership usually combines your trade-in price, new car prices, financing terms, and down payments. Our finance experts at Fort Myers Mitsubishi balance all these aspects to find an affordable monthly payment for your new vehicle, depending on the actual value of the trade-in car.

We separate the purchase negotiations from the trade-in value negotiations to ensure a transparent process.

Consider the Sales Tax

Florida and most other states in the U.S. require you to pay a sales tax after trading a used vehicle. The state derives tax by calculating the difference between the price of your old car and the sale price of the new car. Florida uses a 6% tax rate that applies to the sale of cars in the state, but the rate for trading in a more recent vehicle model can be higher.

Review and Sign the Trade-In Contract

After negotiations, review the contract to verify that the value you agreed on is the trade-in price and all other information is accurate. Proceed to sign the contract after agreeing to take the trade-in price and choosing the new car you wish to buy.

According to Statista, car dealerships in the U.S. sell approximately 3.4 million units annually, while more than 85% percent of the buyers use financing. If you require financial assistance in Fort Myers, Florida, our in-house financing program allows you to drive away with a more expensive car or a newer model when you come to trade-in. We value all our customers, so we will ensure that you get suitable loan options and fair terms, despite your financial history.

Trade In Your Car at Fort Myers Mitsubishi Today

Our technicians are ready to guide you through the trade-in pricing process and offer assistance if you are stuck using our trade tool. Our platform also provides a payment calculator, allowing you to adjust the rates to suit your budget.

If you want a dealership that offers a great trade-in price, discounts on new car purchases, and excellent customer service, look no further than Fort Myers Mitsubishi. Contact us today for more information on the trade-in process in Fort Myers, Florida.