Dear Valued Service & Parts Customers, 

Your family here at Fort Myers Mitsubishi want you to know that during these tough times, we are here for you. Our team is here taking care of all your service and parts needs. We do service all makes and models!

Our staff is following all CDC guidelines to ensure your safety upon arrival and when you leave. We are taking the following measures to protect you and your vehicle:

  • When you arrive, our service writers will greet you with gloves on and maintain a healthy distance.
  • As for your car, we will install seat covers, steering wheel covers, and floor mats.

We would like the opportunity to help you with your vehicle needs while keeping you safe. Remember, no issue is too big or too small here at Fort Myers Mitsubishi. We do appreciate your time.

Thank you,

Ron Torres

Service & Parts Director 


We are here to keep your vehicle clean! When it comes to harmful microbes (virus, bacteria, mold, mildew, algae and yeast), Diamond Protective Care is an EPA-registered antimicrobial that provides a quick killing action, moleculary bonds to treated surfaces and keeps on killing for up to 30 days*.

When Diamond Protective Care is applied in your vehicle, it instantly annihilates microbes and applies a durable antimicrobial barrier*. Diamond Protective Care remains active after it is dry.

Diamond Protective Care provides instant clean, instant freshness and combats residual odors on treated surfaces without using caustic chemicals or scented masking agents. Its treatment removes both organic and inorganic odors from the air, carpets, upholstery, and surfaces.

  • Kills 99% of bacteria and harmful microbes and forms a protective shield that delays growth of harmful microbes on interior surfaces.
  • Instantly eliminates odor molecules in the air and that have penetrated or rested on surfaces.

The Diamond Protective Care patented bonding agent adheres to surfaces with no residue. No harsh chemicals and no odor to ensure your vehicle is free and clear of microbes for up to 30 days*.

We pledge a clean, protected, odor-free vehicle with Diamond Protective Care.

*Durability for the length of the coating depends on surface applied and amounts of friction on the surface.