What is My Mitsubishi Connect?

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Technology has brought changes to every element of our daily lives. Driving is no different. Over the past decade, we’ve seen an ever-increasing integration of intelligence and connectivity into our vehicles, both to help them run better and more safely and to keep us in touch with our loved ones.

Mitsubishi has helped fuel this trend with My Mitsubishi Connect, a subscription-based collection of services accessible from inside the vehicle when drivers need emergency help, roadside assistance, or other information to set them on their way. My Mitsubishi Connect consists of a unit built into each car that provides its own unique mobile cellular network and GPS connection, always on when you need it.


Drivers access services from Mitsubishi Connect services through the My Mitsubishi Connect app, available via respective app stores for Apple and Android mobile phones. The services fall into two broad categories designed to get you the type of help you need.
Mitsubishi Connect Safeguard Services are available to car owners every hour of every day and focus on providing accident response or roadside assistance. The primary services include:

  • SOS Emergency Assistance — connects you to an agent in a Mitsubishi Connect Emergency Response center who can summon emergency help for you. Mitsubishi makes it easy to get emergency help by pushing an SOS button in the car.
  • Roadside Assistance — agents can automatically locate your vehicle and connect you to the best possible provider to help you in the Mitsubishi network. This is also accessed through a separate button.
  • Automatic Collision Notification — the car senses when you’ve been in a collision and calls the Mitsubishi call center for you to get emergency help. The agent sends your call to the appropriate first responders.
  • Alarm Notification — you get a text or email alert should your car’s alarm go off. This helps keep you in the know even when you are too far to hear the alarm going off.
  • Stolen Vehicle Assistance — the system sends vehicle location information to the Mitsubishi call center. Note that Mitsubishi, for safety reasons, does not disclose the stolen vehicle’s location to you — only to police agencies or other first responders.

Other services in the app include account information and a mileage tracker; you can also schedule routine service for your vehicle using the app.

My Mitsubishi Connect remote services provide self-help support to you in the car’s operation. The major remote services included and addressed through the app are:

  • Smart Remote Start — includes the ability to set the temperature you like before getting into the car.
  • Remote Door Lock/Unlock — includes automatic relocking after 30 seconds.
  • Car Finder — helps you locate your car when you might be having a hard time remembering where you parked.
  • Remote Lights/Remote Horn — two features that allow you to flash the headlights for 15 seconds at a time, also to help you locate the car.
  • Vehicle Status — lets you remotely track the health status of your vehicle.

My Connect also includes a package of features that makes it a little easier to be a parent. These features include curfew alerts, so you know if someone is driving when they shouldn’t be; geofence alerts, to highlight if your car is leaving a specific area; and speed alerts, to notify you when the driver is speeding.

One important thing to know going in: no technology is foolproof. Services will only be available when you can connect to cellular or GPS networks, which may not always be possible in your area.

My Mitsubishi Connect Cost

Mitsubishi makes it easy to get a feel for the value of a My Mitsubishi Connect subscription. It comes free for two years with the purchase of new Mitsubishi models.

If you sell before the trial period is up, the new owner will be able to take advantage of the remaining service period as long as they officially register. After the two-year period, a subscription to My Mitsubishi Connect sells for $99 a year. If you no longer want the service beyond the two years, it’s easy to cancel your subscription via the mobile app. Doing so will remove your profile and account from the Mitsubishi network.

Compatible Models

Availability of My Mitsubishi Connect is gradually expanding across the company’s full line of vehicles. It is currently available on select 2022 model year and later Mitsubishi Outlander vehicles in the United States and Canada, and select 2018 model year and later Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross vehicles in the United States.

Service Territory

Unfortunately, My Mitsubishi Connect services are not automatically available everywhere. You can get them in all 50 U.S. states if you live and subscribe in the United States; conversely Canadian residents can get the service in Canada — only if the appropriate cellular networks are available and accessible.

Also, if you should drive from the United States into Canada or vice versa, you won’t be able to access services from your home country. The services are also not yet active in Mexico or Puerto Rico.

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