Keep Your Mitsubishi Running at its Best

Maintaining your engine is one of the best investments you can make in your vehicle. Oil changes following the schedule in your Mitsubishi owner's manual will keep the precision parts in your engine lubricated and free of grime and microscopic metal debris, both of which can reduce the efficiency of its operation. Keeping dirty oil in your engine longer than recommended will wear down parts and reduce the lifespan of your engine. Fort Myers Mitsubishi has a service center with experts dedicated to keeping your Mitsubishi in excellent condition for years to come.

Your tires are the only thing between you and the road, so a safe, firm tire will not only give you a smooth ride but will also keep you from experiencing a flat. Both the pressure in your tires and the tread need to be appropriate for the season you're in, such as a more robust design meant to traverse wintry roads or a chemical composition that keeps a tire firm on hot roads. Tire rotations keep your tires wearing evenly. If you keep your tires in the same spot on your vehicle, wear will develop deeply on some areas more than in others, possibly leading to a blowout.

Keeping your brakes performing safely by changing the pads when they wear down or flushing the brake fluid system and replacing it with fresh fluid is just as much a safety issue as it is a performance issue. If you're intent on improving fuel efficiency, have the various filters in your engine replaced on schedule and you'll spend less at the pump.

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We want to make it easy for you to get the services you need. Using our handy online tool, you can schedule an appointment for a time that's convenient in your busy schedule. Let us get to work on that tire rotation or oil change to keep your Mitsubishi performing at its best. The technicians at Fort Myers Mitsubishi are highly trained and utilize Mitsubishi parts and additives so you're assured your vehicle will get the best treatment possible.