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Mitsubishi manufactures a lot of great vehicles. Why not be a great Mitsubishi owner by performing all recommended maintenance? You want to keep your car or SUV in top shape when driving in the Naples, FL area. Performing routine maintenance and service on the vehicle helps keep it operating at peak performance and safety. Our Ft. Myers service department is ready to assist drivers from Punta Gorda and Lehigh Acres with any necessary maintenance, repair work, or state inspections.

Review Your Owner’s Manual

Cape Coral drivers should familiarize themselves with their Mitsubishi’s specific owner’s manual. The manual details the months and mileage points when certain services become necessary. That said, Port Charlotte, FL drivers should promptly get the vehicle checked out if any performance problems arise, such as leaks, strange sounds, and more.

Oil Changes and Fluid Checks

Changing the motor oil and related filter might be the “most routine” service to perform. It is also essential, as old motor oil and a clogged oil filter can cause severe engine problems. When the time comes to get the oil changed, do so without delay.

The other fluids in the vehicle require checking and changing at set times. Coolant generally lasts about 30,000 miles. Even if you don’t drive much, coolant requires replacing every two to three years. Failure to change coolant on time could prove devastating for your vehicle.

Other fluids requiring eventual replacement include the transmission, differential, brake, and power steering ones. Transmission fluid changes may be more complex, depending on mileage and other factors.

Tire Service

You don’t want to lose traction or experience a blowout. So, get your tires checked at every oil change. Let a technician in our Fort Myers service center look for wear, measure the treads, and examine the tire pressure.

Every six months, a tire rotation becomes necessary. You don’t want tires wearing out unevenly or else performance and safety issues may arise. Rotations may also preserve the life of the tires.

Wheel Alignments

Improperly aligned wheels may cause uneven treadwear and affect how a Mitsubishi handles. Even a minor bump on a typical Fort Myers road could misalign the wheels. Let a technician measure the wheels’ current angles and make any required adjustments.

Brake Inspections

Driving on “bad brakes” is dangerous. Brakes pads, rotors, calipers, and other components of the system do wear out over time. The brake lines and hoses might suffer leaks, so they require regular checking. Performing a brake inspection during tire rotation time is wise, but don’t delay when signs of trouble appear. Make sure someone looks at the brakes to see if they need refurbishments, repairs, or other work.

Wiper Blade Replacements

The Naples, FL weather can become harsh, and you don’t want your wiper blades to fail. Old, cracked ones might not be up to the job. Let us look at the wiper blades and see if you need new ones. Usually, changing the wiper blades after six months might be a good idea.

Hoses and Belts

Age and wear and tear do affect other parts in the vehicle. Various belts and hoses require replacements at some point. Inspecting them during oil change time allows a technician to look for problems. Maybe they require a fix or replacement ahead of the recommended mileage point.

Drive and timing belts will eventually snap if not replaced. A snapped timing belt could cause severe damage to certain engines, if not outright destroy it. Consider it wise to avoid any chances. Change a timing belt at the factory-recommended mileage point.

Radiator hoses could come loose or leak. An overheated radiator presents significant problems. Leaking brake hoses may lead to the vehicle not being able to stop. Make sure you know the condition of your vehicle’s hoses.

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